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Denso Data Capture Devices

DENSO Data Capture provides a wide range of both quality and high performance products that include different features such as: 1D and 2D scanners, cordless operation, Bluetooth, lightweight, high durability, long battery operation of 28 hours, one-touch key functions, and much more.

Each product offers the very latest barcode solutions in 1D and 2D-code scanning systems, durability, high speed reading and support. These barcode solutions are developed to suit the needs of many types of businesses - Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail Sales, Logistics, Medical, Service and events.

Barcode solutions can be implemented to assist with - Traceability, Picking, Inventory Management, Inspection, Process Management, Production Management, Data Entry, Dispensing and Admission Control.

1D and 2D scanning is available for different applications and can be programed to work on different accounting software platforms.