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Mobility Products

Mobility products have been designed to assist people when operating a vehicle. We have products that will assist a driver or passenger when entering and leaving the vehicle, while other products will provide assistance when driving.

Service and Installations

All products must pass the road worthy of the vehicle and not interfere with the safety standard. Any modifications made to the vehicle must be installed by an automotive engineer and an authorised installer. We only recommend resellers and installers that have been training and have the qualifications to modify the vehicle from standard.
Side Seat Application

Side Seat Application

A side seat application is designed to assist people when entering and leaving a vehicle. This product is easy to use especially if you have to transfer from a wheel chair. The side seat closes the gap from the wheel chair to the vehicles seat and assists you to slide across when entering or leaving the vehicle.

The side seat is designed to be folded away or removed when not in use and can be to suit most model vehicles.

Other Products



Side Seat installation

Specialised mounting brackets designed to suit different vehicles.


Entering the vehicle

The seat can be lowered when entering the vehicle, making it easier to transfer to the drivers seat


Leaving the vehicle

When you have been seated, the seat can be folded up or can be removed if required.