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CFI Global is a wholesale distributor for data capture products and truck refrigeration units. We also supply a number of other products for Cold Chain Solutions, Barcode Solutions and Mobility Solutions.

DENSO Data Capture Devices

DENSO Data Capture devices provide a number of barcode solutions used in many types of businesses: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail Sales, Medical, Service to and for large Event Control. 

This product can be used for many different purposes such as: Traceability, Picking, Inventory Management, Assest Tracking, Inspection, Process Management, Production Management, Data Entry, Dispensing and Admission Control.

1D and 2D scanning is available for different applications and can be programed to work on different accounting software platforms. 

DENSO Truck Refrigeration Units

DENSO has always been regarded as a very reliable and high performing product, and have now released into Australia a range of refrigeration units that can be fitted to a small commercial vehicle or to a large truck.

These refrigeration units can provide a controlled temperature while your products are in transit. Chilled and frozen settings can be selected on the control panel. The DENSO Premium Refrigeration Units can be set up to provide duel temperature zones. This means that you can have half of the refrigeration box at a chilled temperature and the other section at a lower temperature for frozen goods.