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RFID has become increasingly important to Australian retail businesses, and it is CFI Global’s aim to bring RFID Technology to multiple industries in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart – in fact anywhere in Australia and neighbouring countries. We want to see Australian businesses grow in RFID usage, as it allows operations and retail staff to become more efficient and productive. CFI Global’s RFID solutions include RFID Readers, RFID Scanners, RFID Printers, RFID Labels, and RFID Tags. 


RFID Reader modules in our Barcode Scanners

We are driving RFID technology solutions to improve warehouse efficiencies. Our RFID product range covers all warehouse and retail functions, including stocktake, inventory management, and transfers. We are so invested in preparing Australian businesses for the future, that we have created our own WMS software that is optional on the DENSO BHT-1281 RFID reader.

RFID readers (also called RFID scanners) usually have a built-in or detachable RFID reader module, in conjunction with a 1D/2D scan engine, and a handle on the base. We have several RFID products in our range that cover most use cases in Australian businesses and facilities. These include handheld, mobile and fixed RFID solutions. The main considerations for most customers are the scan distance, ergonomics (weight), battery life and connectivity. We can help guide you through product selection to suit your application and operational requirements. Please contact us for further assistance.

Would you like your device to have long life or a long range RFID scanning distance? This usually means a bulkier, heavier device designed for repeated use or powerful scanning performance. The iData 95UHF is slightly different to the regular handheld RFID reader. It is extremely compact, lightweight considering its features, value-for-money, and can be used like a mobile barcode scanner. Its range is approximately 2.5 metres, making it a cost-effective RFID solution for most retail and many warehouse applications. There are only a few reasons to have a longer range and they include when you have a high pallet rack, and when you affix an RFID reader to a forklift, ceiling, or entrance/exit.

Manage inventory more effectively and efficiently

CFI Global has access to live warehouse data from a leading distributor of diesel automotive parts that uses RFID technology within its warehouse. New kitted and remanufactured parts are labelled with an RFID tag inside their packaging. Stock received, picked, transferred, and dispatched is easily and quickly scanned with a DENSO BHT-1281 RFID scanner, loaded with our WMS software. The RFID scan distance on this unit is up to 5 metres, which is ideal for warehouses that have extra high pallet racks, such as Distribution Centres (DC’s).

The time it takes to individually scan items in a retail store can mean an entire day of lost in-store sales. In a warehouse, stocktake can last many days. With an RFID reader, and some simple configurations using our software, stocktake time can be reduced from 60-90%. In fact, stocktake can become a much simpler and less tedious task, reducing stress on your staff. The benefits of increased operational efficiency and reduction in labour time transfers a cost saving to your business. A gain in in-store sales is possible, when the store would have otherwise been “closed for stocktake”. Learn more about our stocktake solutions.

RFID Retail Applications

RFID Technology has other applications when dealing in a retail environment and business require data about the product locations order buying patterns within an apartment store. RFID fitted to a dressing room entry will provide information for product within an area and makes this information very important if staff who are trying to locate product with in a store. Product location can make difference when staff members are looking for an item listed in the store but can not be found. The DENSO BHT-1281 scanner can assist when looking for individual product by targeting a tag and assisting staff members when searching for an item.

Buying patterns are very important to the layout of stores and having RFID tags can gather information when customers are moving around the store with products. Understanding what products are collected and reaching a change room, but not purchased.

Display equipment can also be fitted to make the customer experience more pleasant if you can display information or buying option when products are in front of mirrors order virtual staff screens.

RFID Tag and Label considerations

An RFID label or tag is a circuit that can send data to (and also receive data from if using read/write tags) an RFID reader or scanner using Radio Frequency electromagnetic waves to complete and energise the circuit.

RFID labels are used for most common items like consumer products, packaged items, and perishable goods. The type of RFID tag that is used on a person, animal, product, asset or packaging is known as a ‘soft’ RFID tag or a ‘hard’ RFID tag.

Soft RFID tags are used for event ticketing, luggage tags, patient ID, asset tracking, and other identification and data transmission. Hard RFID tags are most commonly employed for tollway vehicle tags, and tracking and tracing large or bulky items, depending on transportation, storage and environmental factors. Hard tags are, as the term suggests, more durable as the RFID technology is contained within a hard outer shell.

CFI Global supplies a range of RFID labels and tags.


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