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Our retail inventory management solutions help clean your data, improve retail operations, and get you up to speed with the latest technologies that streamline your processes in warehouses, distribution centres, and in stores.

CFI Global provides retail operations solutions in inventory management that support effective operations from warehouses to stores. Solve the challenges of managing stocktake, stock levels, stock ordering, and online fulfillment. Track your stock with accurate, real-time data.

Whether you need mobile, handheld or fixed scanners or readers, we have barcode and RFID hardware solutions that get the job done. We can also supply you with printers, labelling machines, and QR, barcode and RFID tags and labels. With our hardware and software application kits, we have turnkey solutions that reliably manage inventory accuracy.

Some of our retail clients are already using RFID. We have RFID solutions that make processes like stocktake much quicker, reducing store closure time, and operational costs. With RFID you can reduce the labour time of stocktake assigned to your valuable customer service staff, who would otherwise have to scan every single barcode individually, taking many hours to complete.

Is RFID the right solution for your business? As a leading solutions provider in Australia, we also offer consultation services. Based on research and analysis of your business and its operational requirements, we provide suitable options that take into consideration your applications, environmental conditions, and what you want to achieve.


Products used within a Retail Environment: